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What our customers think

I went to my normal 4 month curly hair trim yesterday (I get my dry ends trimmed regularly) and my hair dresser asked me what I have changed in my routine because I have zero dry / split ends. I said I've only changed one thing and that's your leave-in conditioner! She could not cut anything so she just did some shaping and styling, soo it looks like I am finally able to start growing my curls!! Thank you!


Hey Kikkara I recently bought some samples to try, so far I've used two and the impact it's had on my hair is actually insane. It's long lasting, it smells amazing, my hair doesn't get stiff like wow... They're so much more defined it's almost scary!! Just wanted to let you know that, keep doing what you do and thank you!

Rosa K.

I have tried various products for curly hair until now, but your product is really great. It's almost over and I only use it when I have some special occasion because I don't want to finish it. The scent that has is so unique and how the curls turn out is something indescribable! Really great! As soon as I have the chance I will definitely order another one. You have made something unique in my opinion!❤❤❤❤❤❤

Irene K.

I absolutely LOVE this conditioner! It makes my hair feel so silky smooth and detangles my hair so easily. The slip is great! And the SMELL...Oh wow! One of the best scents ever!!! Almost good enough to eat 😏 A little goes a long way! I was surprised to see how much a little blob went, once I emulsified it between my hands! My curls definitely need the protein. My curls are more bouncy and happy too. I will definitely continue to use this and incorporate it into my styling routine.


The story behind Kikkara really resonated with me and trying the detangling leave-in conditioner on my hair made me totally fall in love. My curls are flowy, but at the same time so defined and with amazing shine. It's a very effective product that keeps the hair hydrated and cared for!

Gretel Z.

Omg I already love this product so much! It's such a game changer for my little one's curly hair!


Our daughter's hair is finally starting to be in better condition after I found the Kikkara leave-in! I have to say that it's a really, really good product. Also, it made the biggest difference to realize it should be added in completely wet hair and could be combed with fingers as well. This week I've received compliments from strangers daily about her hair! The hair is really beautifully curled in spirals without any frizz.

Henna A.

My daughter's long hair is soft, shiny and easy to brush through thanks to your conditioner. My frizzy curls are so much more easier to control, hair shedding and breaking has reduced significantly and the shower drain is no more full of hair after a wash day. Sometimes I don't even straighten my curls anymore because they look nice curly as well, so thank you!